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Resources for new moms

 Birthtrauma or counselling- Moms or mommies to be experiencing birth trauma or having fears regarding the birth or their baby, will benefit from counselling or trauma debriefing- depending on the need.  This year I have completed my internship in 2009 in Trauma councelling to register as a registered counsellor (holding a Honnours in psychology) and hope to help many more moms, dads and little ones in the future.  Michelle

Baby Massage group starting again January 2013! Go to my facebook page

Pregnancy Massage :
Massage helps the mother to be deal with her changing body. It improves circulation and prepares the body for labour and birth. For the new mother it will speed up the recovery process.

Sharon Parker, 0825353189.  This wonderful massage comes with a special chair that allows pregnant moms to sit while being massaged. The only one in PE! PEBabynet members get a discount!

Maternity UIF:

phone Pat on 0829678874 - PEBabynet club members ask for your discount!


 Down Syndrome association of South Africa: Phone Heidie on 041- 360- 6565

Cleft Friend: / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0823931206

Crises Counselling - Lifeline PE branch: 041- 585- 5581

Cystic Fibrosis: Dr Paul Gebers : 041- 363- 3900

Deaf Association: 041- 586-1189

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome: 041-487-2827

Multiple Birth Association: SAMBA 0861-432-432

Poison Centre : 021 689 5227