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The purpose of Post- natal care is to make the transition as smoothly as possible for the new mom.  Continuity in care is the ear mark of this service. This enables new moms to obtain help from people that they have already established a relationship with during the ante-natal period.  Guidance is provided, but boundaries are not over stepped, this will remain your process!  Babies are indeed individuals, not two are exactly the same and no book will be a perfect match!

Moms have the option to visit the rooms to weigh the baby, ask questions or book an extended appointment. Immunizations are also available. Help with latching is only a small part of what is included in the breastfeeding consultations.

The Lactina breast pump is available to rent.

A brand new postnatal group has started in the form of a baby club.  Relevant topics are discussed providing moms with the opportunity to chat and share opinions and experiences. Guest speakers on topics such as introducing solids and baby groups are invited but these brand new meeting will include some exercises, dancing with your baby and lots other exciting activities. 

A Baby Massage group will start each month.  It consists of a five week course.  It will integrate sensory development, bonding for mom and baby and therapeutic massage for baby.

Post Natal depression is very real problem facing a significant percentage of the population.  If you are feeling down or emotional please feel free to talk to me, or another professional.  You can also take an online test to check if you have a problem on  If you are found to be you will be referred for councelling.  Taking this online test will be free of charge, at the same time you will be participating in a South African study, completely confidentially.

Did you have a traumatic experience giving birth, or was it not exactly what you planned, are you disappointed by the outcome.  Pls arrange a counseling session with me.  It is important for you to have a debriefing session to prevent further complications.

Home visits are also done if required for less mobile moms needing a breastfeeding consultation.  Hospital visits can also be arranged if needed.  These are available at a fee, most medical aids will reimburse you for these services.

Advice per phone is available within reasonable evening hours only for patients of the practice.

A reflux support group meets every two weeks to provide support for moms dealing with the realities of this condition in infants.