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Congratulations on the arrival of your baby! 

After months of eager waiting, and sometimes dreaming about your perfect little person, baby finally makes his/her entry into this world....mostly they are not exactly what you expected!   They have not read the book on how they should behave, how often they should sleep and you may feel like somehow you should fix this!

 Babies are as unique as you and me!  Every one of them comes with an own personality built in!  Holding them up to a measuring stick (be it a theory or a book) will only result in feeling inadequate.  The trick is to get to know your baby, his needs and help him within the boundaries of good parenting to develop to be the best he can be.

So how do you get to know baby the best that you can?  Certainly not with a book in the one hand!  Spend as much time as you can with your baby so you can bond with baby and learn to know baby.  Also spend time with like minded moms so that you receive the social support that you may need while learning from each other.  Attend practical baby and group classes that teach some on the job skills!  When things become overwhelming seek help.  You can speak to me or another Registered Counsellor to help sort through emotional issues and help you to leave problems behind instead of dragging them with you.  Some moms may have experienced a very traumatic birth/ or pregnancy, for others it may be more traumatic to parent, or perhaps you find yourself extremely tearful!  Please remember that the first step is reaching out to find help. 

Services that I provide to help with this Transition is:

Counselling for moms that experienced a traumatic pregnancy or birth, or screening for postnatal depression.

Baby Dunston classes to help you understand your babies needs better (see more under baby classes)

Baby Massage (IAIM trained) to bond with baby, better sleep, help with colic and gas, help with developement, help for special needs babies, increase weight gain and growth for premature infants. (see baby classes for more info)  Warning: bound to increase moms confidence!

Baby Club - Post natal groups for moms to guide you on this new journey, providing the support you need while dealing with topics that develop as baby grows.  (see baby classes for more info)

Breastfeeding consultations are available for moms to enable starting off on a good foot.  Moms with questions or who may need assisstance this is for you.  (see the breastfeeding page.)

Colicly babies or reflux babies' mom may want to book a consultation to enable better coping and some strategies to make these easier on mom and dad.  Support is essential - You should never go this one alone!

Baby clinic.  Complete vaccination services are available.  Please click on the baby clinic page to make sure you are up to speed with all baby needs.

 All my best wishes for this most incredible journey you will ever take!