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Breastfeeding was said to be a confidence trick by famed South African sister Lillian.  But gaining this confidence may take a bit of practise and some help, and this is really okay!

 A new mom may need some help with latching, positioning and some tips to make the experience run smoothly. So please remember that help is at hand if you are struggling or just having some questions. The majority of babies can latch even if mom needs a helping hand.  Please make sure that baby opens his mouth widely taking a large chunk of the nipple and areola.  A higher or lower latch will often result in "lovebites"- which is very painful for mom.  Correct latching will prevent sore nipples.  Apply good nipple cream after every feed and air for brief periods (ten minutes in sun)- if needed. New research (medela international) does indicate that babies with smaller mouths may have the gag reflex stimulated if the nipple is to deep.  Baby may then "keep on coming off the breast"

 Please live in your bra!  Only take it off to breastfeed and shower!  Otherwise you may find yourself doing a Dolly Parton over night!  Indeed also do not skip a feed - demand feed- as your breasts may quickly become so full that no more milk will come out.  This is due to the full glands putting pressure on the ducts.  Warmth before a feed will help milk to flow.  Afterwards it is important that you cool down the breasts - Cold cabbage leaves works wonderfully.  Ultrasound from a Physio will greatly aid to help break up clots and provide relief.  Alternatively massage breasts while in the shower before a feed.  If you develop a fever please take two panados to bring it down and phone your doctor, you may need antibiotics.

Regular weighs monitors the growth of your baby to establish that baby is growing well.   this is plotted on baby's chart.  I will send a newborn report to your Paediatrician to update them on your progress if required. This enables even better care of you and your baby.

Moms with praemies or jaundices babies will need more assistance. These babies are often reluctant to suck. They need to grow, so I will guide you to make sure they feed enough.

Going back to work does not necessarily mean the end of breastfeeding. Breasfeed at night and in the morning and express during the day at times you would have breastfed. Breastpumps available for sale and to rent. Make sure you start out with a good pump.  Please note you can only rent the Lactina (big blue pump that requires a kit to work- manual breastpumps should not be offered for rent!)

Jungle Juice:
Want to increase your milk supply? Make some Jungle Juice, One litre of Apple juice, two litres of water, 50ml thornberrry elixer, one packet of black currant rehydrate. Drink three litres in 24 hours. Then one and a half every second day.  You can add ten rescue drops to each glass.  Please also eat a healthy balanced diet, excluding rich and fatty foods and allergenic substances. Please do not eat more than one gas forming vegatable a day, drink enough water and do not believe what you find on some internet sites as far as diet goes.  This recipe is not suitable for diabetics or engorged mothers.  Please never exceed the prescribed amount!  When we drink to much fluid we dilute our "salts" and can go into a coma.  The best way to increase breastmilk supply remains to breastfeed on demand and to be in a "good mood".  Sounds silly but the love hormone (oxytocinon) is a big role player in this one!

Top tip :
Look after those nipples! They should come out looking the same as they did going in! Otherwise latching needs to be looked at. Use a good quality nipplecream.

For possible breastpumps  go to