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About Michelle van der Westhuizen

As an internationally registered Child Birth educator, Infant massage instructor, midwife and Registered counsellor I firmly believe in staying up do date while not forgetting the basics!  But where did it all start.......I trained at the Sharley Cribb nursing college in Port Elizabeth. Sharley Cribb is renowned in the Eastern Cape for it's history. Like myself, many other nursing sisters can confirm that their grandmother trained here. I completed my four year diploma, did my practical at every provincial hospital in Port Elizabeth and the one in Uitenhage. This includes clinics and MOUs across PE and Uitenhage.  I am a registered nurse and midwife qualified in General, Midwifery, Psychiatry and Community Nursing.

After completing my studies, I started out working at the Westend MOU in Salsoneville, Westend in Port Elizabeth. I had the priveledge of taking part in preparing this beautiful unit to open. The deliveries were done by the sisters with referrals of complications via Livingstone Hospital. The ante-natal clinic was also run by the MOU staff and postnatal check ups were performed here.

I then started working at St Georges Hospital maternity.The postnatal ward and adjacent ante-natal ward proved a great opportunity for learning, with many complicated cases and emergencies. It also provided the opportunity to learn from a legendary Midwife (Anna Tait) who was the best breastfeeding consultant I have met thus far. The nursery and labour ward provided the opportunity to learn these fields within the boundaries of the private sector.

I now reside in the local SOS Villages where my husband works. Indeed it was time for the next step. I have always had a passion for learning and passing on what I have learnt.  The aim of the ante-natal classes, is to provide new parents with all the information they require in a safe supportive setting. I also provide the postnatal support they need to enable them to become confident parents with the tools they need for this very challenging but important task- my aim : confident parents.
Support during and after vaccinations add to the value added service of keeping our Port Elizabeth families safe and healthy.

I was involved in training student midwives for the University in our Metro, but all good things come to an end....  I then completed my internship as a Psychological councellor on a part time basis in Trauma counselling at Life line.  My special interest here is Birth Trauma, trauma debriefing, screening for Post Natal depression and coping skills for new parents.  I am integrating this into my current practise, the aim being to help new parents and provide the resources they need.

Five years ago I completed my Experienced Childbirth Educator course (ICEA) and am now accredited as an internationally qualified Childbirth Educator. (Currently the only one in Port Elizabeth).  I since also completed the International course for Infant massage and for Hypnobirthing and am accredited for both. 

I support the local baby haven and remain active in my community whether through talks (health education) or as a participant in projects.  I have always believed that if we all do our part no one need be without.  I alm also keen about protecting my environment.  I am a Wessa member and hold a My planet card!  I encourage every one to do their small part.  So what ever you feel you would like to contribute to join me and recycle what you can..

Also listen to the series on Pregnancy education on King Fisher fm this February on Wednesdays at 11.

The best part of doing what I do now is to watch the children and new families grow!  So join the PEbabynet family!   Currently residing all over the world with littlies from Namibia, Israel, Germany, England, Australia, Asia, Europe and all over our own country!- Important work you parents are doing with this new generation.