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Workshops and groups provide expectant parents with various options to learn the skills they will need.  Please enquire about possible dates.  While these are not always available are booked once or so a year. Follow the calender link at the left top corner of page to see dates.  These enable you to book one, or two or three...

Currently we present the following three workshops:

  • Breastfeeding workshops - Provides all the information and practical know how to prepare every new mom for this wonderful experience. 9 December
  • Birth & Labour workshops - Provides expectant parents with the information, skills and plenty of tips to enable them to get the best from the birthing experience.  11 November
  • Baby workshops- everything you need to know about baby!  7 october



  • Caesarian classes - Planning a caesarian.  These will prepare expectant parents and give all relevant information on spinal blocks and care for after.
  • Multiples classes for twins and triplets - These are presented once a term, or as the need arises.  Information on what to expect, skills for coping and on resources.
  • Baby Bootcamp - All the information you will need on the how to and practical on dolls to bath, nappy change, cleaning the cord, overstimulation and calm babies, sleeping, cpr, understanding your baby, breastfeeding and signs of labour.
  • Ante-natal classes on a weekly basis for 7 weeks - We meet once a week, in the evening for seven weeks.  Classes include breastfeeding, parenting, birth and labour, nutrition, what you need, caesarian and baby care and massage.
  • Second time around club and classes - Second time around?  Join the club and renew your pebabynet club membership.  This entitles you to discounts and freebies, as well as a gift pack and the list of what you need to pack for the hospital.  Second time around classes also available.
  • Post-natal classes.  Once in 14 days we meet for an hour.  We look at baby development, vaccines, you the mom, changes, routine and much more.  Speakers organized. 
  • Infant safety, CPR and safety in the home.
  • Soon to start:  Survival 101 for the expecting or new mom!
  • Granny/ nanny classes- Provides mom with peace of mind knowing that Granny/ nanny knows how to act in case of an emmergency or when little one is ill etc.
  • Brand new is:  Supermom!  How to make sure you manage your family really well, do the best you can and not get over whelmed.  Dads welcome to!


Follow the Calendar link for more into ito course dates etc..