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Baby classes:

While babies are wonderful moms need the opportunity to get out with their baby!  Woman are social creatures who cope best in packs and do not do well isolated!  We were created with the need to talk and share!  It is this wonderful buildt in need that enables us to to socialise children and indeed why they learn to talk! Think about it: Most men do not talk nearly as much as woman, it would take children years to learn the same skills if we cut this unique skill out of the equasion.

So why not use it to you and your baby's advantage and have the best maternity leave you can!

Baby classes available:

Dunstan Baby classes:

Developed by Pricilla Dunstan ( a Musician and Opera singer with a wonderful talent to recognise sound) this course enables moms and dads to understand what their babies need!  Based on the reflexes that a newborn has, these sounds  (connected to a refelx each) tells us exactly what a baby needs!  An example is the sound they make when they suck (an involuntary reflex in newborns).  Similary a reflex sound trying to expell gas will alert you to when your baby needs to be burped!  Using this system enables you to learn your baby's natural rythms and patterns so that you can build up a natural routine (that will work most days) round these patterns.  Parents attending my ante natal classes will attend the Dunston express course.  It is however advisable to also attend the additional course after baby is born.  Some parents may prefer to attend the additional course before the birth of baby. 

Baby massage classes:

Last year I completed the training of the  International Association of Massage (IAIM).  While the benefits are incredible (better sleep, relief of gas or colic, developement, development for special needs babies, weight gain for premature babies, better digestion, less crying, calmer babies, decreases incidence of post natal depression and much more) the biggest advantage is the connection that forms between mom and baby (bonding).  Touch is not our very first means of communication or our skins the biggest organs in our bodies for nothing!  We are living in a society that is so fast that the basics like touch and nurturing are being left out of the loop!  Make sure you provide your baby with all the nuturing touch you can - Massage him/her! Next course starting 9 November

Post natal group:

The Post natal group provides moms with a support network while dealing with topics that they face on a daily basis!  Also a great opportunity for a chat and learing from each other.  While a curriculum exists: Postnatal curriculum (International) by Mae Schoemaker - it is adjusted to the needs of the group.  Topics covered include:  A new you, How has this changed your relationship with your partner (includes the post baby conversations).  The newborn, Safety and cpr.  Basic health care and the basics as to rashes.  Vaccinations and other disease prevention.  Having fun with baby.  Introduction to solids.  What comes next..... And much more!